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This is a charming Christmas tale about an elephant. An elephant named Felix who, against his parent's advice, is determined to find a place for himself within the magical, wonderful world of Christmas.


After a great deal of planning, he sets out on a long and lonely journey up to the North Pole.  He struggles against  traffic, water, snow, mountains, and the cold with minimal food or supplies.  But his determination to meet Santa Claus remains unwavering. Felix wishes to become part of Christmas along with the elves, reindeer, and all the other helpers. Throughout his journey, he dreams of all the things an elephant can do to be a meaningful part of Christmas.  He longs to become included in this holiday to which elephants had long been excluded. Just when it looks likes his dreams of being part of Christmas will be crushed, a glimmer of hope is timidly offered up by a quiet member of the North Pole Christmas family. 


This is a story of striving for what you want against all odds and persevering against adversity.  It is about passionately following your dreams without being discouraged.  Written in rhyme by Ania Danylo, this 60-page delightful Children's book features 56 beautiful illustrations by Remi Bryant.

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