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       Acting Classes
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Gain confidence and acting skills through the use of super fun games, exercises and situational set-ups.  Learn the art of making instant choices, reacting, developing story lines and exploring characterization.  Enjoy this class thats filled with high energy while making new friends and challenging your potential.

Film Scene Study

Explore the techniques required to to develop and maintain characterization and connection with other actors.   Experience the thrill of working in front of a camera and being able to watch back your own performance.  See first hand  the unique requirements of working on film, the different camera shots, the need for continuity and deep exploration of using your intuitiveness to feed emotional involvement to bring script to life.

Voice and Diction

Gain confidence in your personal speaking as well as public speaking.   Develop ease of conversation in any setting.  Learn how the voice works and increase projection, pronunciation,  clarity of tone  and stage presence.   Learn how to colour worlds and focus on presentation to connect with any audience.

Introduction to Film & Commercial Acting

An introduction to the world of film and commercial acting begins with being comfortable in front of the camera.  Learn the basics of film acting, what is required in a live audition as well as a self tape.  Explore the basics of preparing for your first film experiences.  Expand your emotional range and learn the artful skill of making quick and unique choices. 

Story Telling

Learn the age old art of storytelling. Students will explore a wide vocal variety of stories and traditional and innovative ways of sharing them with an audience. Narrative styles, as well as characterization through vocal changes and simple gestures will be introduced. Students will work through traditional, fairytales, myths and folklore, as well as original stories written by the students. Gain a solid understanding of a variety of storyline structures and performance techniques. 


This class is designed  to help actors learn to find and pick monologues that suit their own unque qualities.  Actors will explore the many different choices that can be made in performance  and how to pick the strongest ones.  Finding the journey of the character in the monologue and character anlysis play a strong part in this course, well building a strong and solid back story for the character to keep it connected and real.  This course can be taught in a group environment or privately.

The Art Of Simple Conversation

In this day and age of texting and computer/phone social networking,  conversation skills have slipped.   Regain  the art of being able to converse comfortably in any situation.  This course will cover the importance of eye contact, listening skills,  body language, ease of speaking, finding common ground to communicate about, sharing anecdotes, expressing ideas clearly, and enjoying personal encounters in social, educational and work related situations.

Developmental Drama

Designed to build confidence and communication skills (verbally, mentally and physically), this class offers a fun exploration into the worlds of drama, music, and physical expression through a wide variety of drama games, improvisation, storytelling, music, poetry, speech and more.

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