Ania has been my teacher and mentor for a decade now. Her classes have taught me not only how to be a better actor, but how to survive in the acting industry. I've met many good friends and collaborators through Ania's classes and continue to see her on a regular basis for classes and audition help. I recently got an agent and since jumping into the industry, have managed to get work doing everything from shorts to a feature-length film, all which I wouldn't have been able to do without Ania's expertise and guidance. I highly recommend Ania as a teacher for anyone serious about becoming an actor.

Ivy Miller



Connor and I met Ania in 2013. Having gotten selected to go through to Talent Inc Conference, Connor had the opportunity to work with Ania.

Ania is an amazing Talent Acting Coach for Connor. Her fun loving creative atmosphere she provides for my son is beyond description. Always so Professional, my son has learned so much from Ania. I will recommend her service to any parent who is looking for a Coach that can work with their child.

Ania will always have support, she is without a doubt the best Coach ever. Direct, Music teacher, Script reading, preparing my son for auditions I am very thankful to have had met her, she has so much to offer to the students as well as parents.

Thank you Ania for always making us all feel good with your presence, professionalism and the gatherings you put on for your students and us parents.


Florence Mullen




Working with Ania has been a pleasure. She's patient and funny and willing to work with you where you are. My acting skill, and performance presence have improved dramatically as a direct result of her training. I absolutely recommend learning from her and growing in yourself.


Scott Lawson



Ania Danylo is a highly respected teacher in the acting community.  Ania's classes bring out one's creativity in a safe environment,  where through instruction and scene work you are clearly taught how to breathe life into your character and create the world around you, while staying true to the story.  I feel extremely fortunate to be able to participate in Ania's classes and draw on her knowledge and experience in private coaching.  


Bernadette Janssen



If you are looking for an impeccable acting coach for professional endeavours, Ania is one of best in the city.  We started our kids in her improvisation classes spring 2013 & by fall our 11 year old son had booked numerous roles & shortlisted for 3 international feature films.  Ania clearly knows what casting directors need & will read between the lines to figure out exactly what is required.  If you need to get to the next level in this business, she will set you apart from the masses.  Her improvisation classes are AMAZING for children, who also just need to come out of their shell.  Improv with Ania...Its a time of creative expression, of "letting go" of social expectations & being proud of the unique abilities you bring to the world.  Ania is forever a cherished name in our home.  Bar none, she will give you the tools to succeed in this business & we love her!




CARSON POUND IMDB: https://pro-labs.imdb.com/name/nm5381104

*Carson Pound is in a principal recurring role on Heartland & currently filming a feature new media film*



Ania Danylo is a wonderful teacher and mentor. Her programs provide a wonderful foundation for young performers in Calgary. Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned performer, Ania has the knowledge and skill to help you grow as an artist. She has a sincere interest in seeing her students succeed. Ania truly is the only game in town for film and tv acting for kids! 


Barb and Maddie Dixon




After taking two years of private classes with Ania, I have grown so much not only as an actor, but as a person as well. She has taught me so much about professionalism while encouraging me to be confident and to believe in my abilities. I have learned countless things in class, such as how to keep the film work natural and conversational while still making it interesting and filling it with textures and emotions I didn’t even know I could feel. As a teacher she is supportive and pushes me to my utmost potential. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and mentor.


Sydney Hughes




My 5 year old son, Dakota, started acting classes just over a year ago with Ania. In that time he has grown as a person and a performer. He can't wait to go to his class every week and loves her as more than just a teacher. I couldn't recommend her enough for a young child. I couldn't have hoped for a better mentor in the acting world than Ania for my son!


Natalie Sherman




I was introduced to Ania just over a year ago by some very amazing guys from Toronto.  Since then I have moved leaps and bounds in achieving my dreams.  Ania's classes taught me many great things like how to portray emotion and bring the character to life from the script.  Ania's classes also taught me the basics such as slating, how to audition for the camera

and much more.  I attribute most of my success to the amazing teachings that I have learned from Ania's classes and look forward to taking manymore in the future.


Jada MacDonnell




Our family’s experience with Ania has been phenomenal. It has been such a joy finding our way on the acting path with her as our coach. She is a patient and diligent acting coach who really takes the time to work with the actor and the script to ensure the actor truly understands the scene and how to use the camera to tell the story. She cares so deeply about each of her clients and does everything in her power to help her students succeed. Her intelligence and commitment to learning about each of her students helps draw out the best in each actor and makes them think deeper which gives them such a positive experience. Being able to trust someone in this industry is very important to us. Ania has years of experience and is a well educated professional. She has helped us advance our acting careers across Canada and we thank her for an incredible journey.

Kathryn and Mateo Mark


Ania is not only a coach, but a mentor. She is genuinely interested in her students' careers and is invested in their success. Not only does she help to interpret pieces and to explore character motive, she also provides insight into the business - regarding résumés, headshots, and contracts.  I highly recommend Ania to anyone who wants to learn about all aspects of this industry. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from such an incredible coach!




I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that Ania was able to create through her teaching style - it made learning and expressing myself less daunting. I enjoyed the mix and balance of theory and practice that was incorporated into each class and the opportunities for quick feedback thereafter. Ania has an obvious passion for what she does shown through her energy, her generosity of time and opportunities. 

Kersten Gruber 





I had been away from acting for a few years, and Ania was the perfect teacher to get me back in the groove! She's a fun, compassionate and exciting teacher, who allowed me to remember what originally drew me into acting... and that was to play!! I would highly recommend her classes, she is fantastic! 

Marni Reisig 




I thought the class was an amazing experience, it taught me so much about how to create a career out of acting which I had never really considered until this course. The 2 week course provided plenty of information about theatre and film. The program is fit for a range of ages and somehow lets people in their twenty's become friends with kids still in their teenage years. I found this class helped me become more confident in myself and in my acting. 

Carolyn Mitchell 




Learning the basics of acting from Ania was the best experience. She was encouraging, down to earth, and so inspiring to watch. I have grown so much as a person in my skills and understanding of the technical aspects of acting. A new passion has been unleashed inside of me, and I'm excited to develop this further!

Vickey Lathar 




Ania Danylo provides her students with personalized instruction and feedback. She leads open and creative classes in a non-judgmental and fun atmosphere. Her classes allow for personal growth and expression that goes beyond the art of acting. Ania can skillfully teach all age groups, and all levels of experience. Ania continually goes above and beyond for her students and cares for her students on a personal level. She offers support not only as an actor and teacher, but as a friend. Ania has helped me grow tremendously in all aspects of my life. I am truly thankful for all the classes, advice, and laughs that she has shared with me.

Alexandra Hauck 



Thank you so much for your amazing teaching, your excitement, your joy and your dedication! We will always appreciate it!!

Kathryn Mark 



Not only has Ania been there for me as a teacher, but she has time and time again gone the extra mile for me helping me with my career outside of the classroom giving me advice on how to deliver a tricky line or preparing scenes for an audition, but she has grown on me as a friend. There are not enough times where I can thank her for what she has done for me, taking me from scratch and building me up to what I am now. After multiple classes with students of all ages, it is apparent that she can teach and bring out the best in you when it comes to acting. I would suggest Ania Danylo to anyone, whether they are an amateur seeking a hobby, or a professional looking for a mentor, and anything in-between


Riley Giese 



Angel has been successful in her short acting career and has recently auditioned for Robert Redford and has booked a feature film in a supporting role, set to begin production in November 2011. Without Ania's classes, I believe Angelique would not have the confidence to move ahead with acting. I would recommend Ania and her classes to any child who wishes to pursue an acting career. 

Christine Berry 




Ania showed me how to be a confident actor and sharpen my skills. I know for a fact I would not be where I am with my acting career if it wasn’t for her, I have had the privilege of working in two national commercials and background work in movies and I have absolutely used everything she has ever taught me, I strongly believe that Ania is a great teacher and I recommend her highly. 

Rachele Clavagnier 



I first met Ania when we both worked as acting teachers at a performance school. Ania was the head teacher and a mentor to me. I admired her very unique style of teaching and immense passion for the craft of acting. The students improved under her instruction and her infectious nature spread beyond the classroom. When it came time to hire a director and editor for my latest one woman show, I was honoured to acquire Ania. Due to her excellent directing skills, the show welcomed standing ovations each time it was performed and countless comments on the fantastic directing. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Ania, do it! Whether you're looking for a teacher, actor, director, writer or editor, Ania Danylo is it!! 

Allison Lane

Out Of Our Heads Productions




Working alongside Ania Danylo as Head Teacher at the JRP Acting Academy was nothing short of a true pleasure. Seeing her ability to connect with students of all ages never ceased to amaze myself, our staff, clients and parents alike. Couple this with her depth and breadth of knowledge of the theatre and film industry, she has the capacity to educate and inspire regardless of previous experience level. Every interaction, be it within the realm of industry projects and events or during the facilitation of workshops, leaves one with a fresh perspective on the skills previously held and the ones Ania unlocked. 

Christopher R. Waterhouse

Charlotte The Harlot Creative & Management (CHCM)