Private Coaching

Live and Self-tape Auditions

Coaching one on one with sides they receive for their live and self-tape auditions, help actors be better prepared and more likely to land their roles.  


For self-tape auditions, scenes are coached to make sure there is a strong backstory.  Then the slates, scenes are filmed in natural light against a plain background, defining the actor's sightlines and attitudes towrds the others characters in the scenes and focusing  to bring out the unique qualities each actor can bring to the role.  

Slates and all scenes are then merged, converted to an mp4 format and submitted directly to either the actors talent agent or directly to the casting agent or director, as required.

Other Private Coaching

Students can meet with Ania to discuss other private coaching needs. Topics in the past have covered Public Speaking, Body Language Awareness, Increasing perceptions in Business or Personal Environments.,Understanding Relationships and Conflicts., Getting Over Nervousness Around Others,  Improving Conversation Skills,  Vocal Quality Improvement, Singing, Ear Training,  Piano Instruction and General life Skills.


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